Materials & finishes

We create exclusive finishing options for those who share our passion for the crafted details. We've done this by investing our time curating an exclusive collection of materials & finishes. This distinct collection makes it possible for our customers to achieve their vision - in the furniture that we design, produce & deliver.

To request a sample of any of our finishes, please call +44 (0) 1905 789 080 or email.

1. Painted finishes

We are proud to offer fourteen exclusive painted framework finishes. These finishes can be applied to any of our pieces which feature metal framework throughout the range by our team of specialist painters.

2. Oak finishes

Our in-house cabinet makers work with solid crown cut Oak and premium veneer with solid Oak edges when appropriate. We are proud to offer eight exclusive stain finishing options.

3. Natural stone materials

We have curated a selection of natural stones, every piece of cut stone
is honed to allow the natural detail & beauty of the stone to be appreciated.

4. Glass & mirror finishes

Our exclusive collection features three glass finishes & five mirror finishes, all with polished edges. Our finishes are specially selected to allow the detail in our furniture to live harmoniously with the scheme you have chosen.

5. Accent materials

We believe in the crafted details – metal inlay, trim & collar accents are designed to elevate our pieces. These accents are available in three materials with separate finishing options.