Our purpose

Loom is the luxury furniture brand that opens up the possibilities of made to order furniture through our exclusive finishing options and excellence in service. We enable consumers to achieve their desired outcome in the furniture that we design, produce and deliver. Together, we have a collective forty years of experience in the furniture design industry.

Loom was born from the belief that luxury made-to-order furniture can offer the same extensive options as a fully bespoke design. We offer desirable furniture at a price-point which reflects our commitment to the quality of our craft. Opening up the possibilities of made-to-order furniture for those who share our passion for the crafted details.

We invest our time curating our exclusive collection of materials & finishes, continuing to consider current and future interior trends. This distinct collection enables our customers to achieve their desired outcome in the furniture that we produce.

Our belief in excellence is a foundational pillar of Loom. We work alongside our team of highly skilled artisans throughout the process of creating each piece, it is this process that maintains our reputation for crafted detail. An honest and exceptional service is at the heart of our approach to business, we want to produce the furniture that you desire and we have worked hard to make this a possibility. We continue to strive for excellence and supply to some of the leading interior designers and architects in the United Kingdom and internationally.

We are now based in a former pottery factory outside of Bristol, and whilst our workshop is no longer a factory, we are proud to be bringing back some of the crafted aspects of manufacture to a once creative and thriving space. Our showroom is located in the heart of London’s design destination – The Chelsea Design Centre. We welcome drop in visitors alongside scheduled appointments.

All of our products are designed, crafted & made in Britain. We find that working closely with our suppliers, artisans & makers means we can keep control over our delivery times and ensure the work is consistently to our highest standard.